Banana Pro web server and home's NAS (Network Attached Storage)

Banana Pi & Banana Pro are single-board computers produced by Shenzhen LeMaker Technology Co.,Ltd, with a design that is heavily influenced by the Raspberry Pi. The Banana Pro is the device that I have been using.

The advantage of the Banana Pi/Pro over the Raspberry models is the ability to connect a SATA hard drive and they have faster (gigabit) ethernet connections.

My Banana Pro runs off a 24v solar cell with battery backup and is available 24/7 serving files. It also acts as a web server for this site, just to see it's capabilities. My professional sites are all hosted on a major Linux complex in Amsterdam.

My next project is to connect my weather station's monitoring devices via an Arduino Uno board.........

Below is a guide to how I programmed my Banana Pro

NAS - Networks Attached Storage

A NAS is required to run live 24/7 and as such can uses quite a lot of electricity; my previous NAS was and old PC running Ubuntu.  Another option is to purchase an expensive purpose made NAS; no thanks. The advent of the Banana Pi, and now Pro and susequent versions, allows a sufficiently fast NAS that runs on just a few watts, instead of hundreds of watts. Connected via gigabit ethernet to your home network will allow pretty fast access to all your important files.
A Raspberry Pi can also do this but it only has 100k ethernet and one can only use a much slower USB connected hard drive.

I use a Banana Pro connected via ethernet to my network and connected wirelessly to my broadband router (running openWRT) to isolate the BP from lightning issues (I lost my first Banana Pi from lightning hitting my phone line, wiping out router and everything connected to it by ethernet !)

LAMP Web serving

I'm running my BP as a web server just because it's so easy. I have access to a professional server where I run all my business' sites so this site, my personal site, I'm happy running from home. The limitations are my broadband speed. Living remotely off shore I only get 6Meg download and 400k upload speeds. Consequently, this site will appear slow, very slow to those with fibre connections but to anyone living in any rural parts I hope the speed is adequate.